Sunday, November 11, 2007

What it do! This ya boy reportin for the end of Nov./ early Dec. 06'

What up ya'll!? Now to continue this journey down memory lane. I was working in the park of Universal studios with Jessica and my bro Damion. As I'm now known for doing I asked her to draw me. What came out is what you see below. I believe it was December 12 when I did this next piece. I was looking through some magazines with celebs pics in it, and found a pic of Meesha Barton from that show "The OC"( I wonder if anyone really remembers that show... cuz I don't). But anyways, Out of the many attempt I failed at that day this was the first picture I did where I actually airbrushed decently. I couldn't tell you how proud I was with this accomplishment. It didn't last long tho. I still had some months to go before I really got it down. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Enjoy Peoples...

Jess got my smile on lock ya dig!

Misha Barton
**not actual photo used**

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