Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today ladies and gentleman I bring you the beginning of a new chapter in my experience in caricatures. The time is around February, and we get 2 new artist who just got hired at Universal. Their names are Jeff Meyer and Chris Meesimo. When me and Dame got wind of new people coming up we thought they would probably suck(since most new comers did... including us) So we met them and found out the following... WE WERE WRONG!!! let me explain...

This is Jeff's first me. Cute ain't it? Anthony and Damion were working out at citywalk, and I heard Jeff was out there. So I thought to myself "let me get drawn and see how this guy does his thing." When I went out there I sat in the chair and told him to draw me. Now that I think about it, it was kind of assholish of me to just sit and tell him to draw me and he don't know me from jump. I found out later(like 2 weeks ago) that he felt like he was put on the spot in front of the vet Anthony, Damion, and myself. He got through it though, and here it is. Not bad for being really rusty. I like it alot. I wonder what else mister Meyer will have in stored for me?

This Ladies and Gentleman, is Chris Meesey's first me. Damion came out to citywalk one day to tell me we had a new artist working. I asked him what her drew like, and Dame said a mix between Anthony and Bill. That got my attention. I went in there immediately to see this for myself and sure enough it was true. He too was very rusty, but still really freakin good. A couple of days later I did the same thing to him I did to Jeff. Chris started right away and finished it in black & white. I was astounded! No one has drawn me like this before. he got one of my laughs down pat. Damion ended up airbrushing it. I can't wait to show you his stuff in the near future. It will be a treat believe me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Domo Arigoto! I am the artist model!

That's some Japanese for yo ass, son! I messin wit chall! But seriously this drawing has a very unique tale to it. One day in citywalk I was working by myself and it was pretty cold out. It was a slow day so I was pretty ancy to get some customers. Eventually, towards the middle of the day, 3 Japanese poeple walk up to the booth. A man in his twenties, a woman aroung the same age, and a old man who was probably around his 70's. He looked like the dude from Iron Chef. But anyways, they walk up and I ask the man if he wants to get drawn. He says something in Japanese to me while pointing in my direction. I ask him again, he does the same thing. I probably went back and forth with him for a good 5 minutes before I realized what he was trying to tell me. He wasn't interested in getting drawn, he wanted to draw me. I was taken aback. This had never happen to me before like this; a perfect stranger wanting to draw me. I made a deal with the man through his son and daughter,who were the two I mentioned earlier, that if he drew me, and I like it, that I would draw him for free. They told him in his native tounge and he agreed. I sat down patiently waiting for about 25 minutes before he revealed the drawing to me. When I saw it I knew exactly wha the business was, this man was a painter. You can definatley tell from the way he shaded my picture. It is definatly rough, but it looks just like me. Well, I drew the man, he seem to like and appreciate it(even though it was shit!). They tipped me and left, and then I figured out that I have a face that artist just seem to love. It's wierd, but thats just the way it seems to be.

Ren & Stimpy... and friends?

Bill was to be leaving us now! the time is around February. I begged him to do a double of me and Damion. Well, this is what we got... yeah. God, I cussed Bill out that day. I luv this drawing though. We miss ya Bill.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Milestone Caricature!!!

This is a milestone people! My boy Damion out did himself on this one! He did something that to this day no one else has been able to do! I have a long face... as you can see it's not here. He made a stretch work that should not have. And on top of that he airbrushed it phenomenally! This is definitely in my top 5 caricatures of me. What it do!!!?

Thursday, November 22, 2007


This another Armando drawing of me! I wanted him to airbrush it well but he wouldn't touch it! After awhile I gave that job to Damion to do! I looks pretty good.

This is a quick sketch Damion did of me and this girl named Jessica that liked me around Christmas time. She didn't like it... I didn't care.

This is was the first drawing Damion did of me that I really liked! He caught me really good for him around this time! It's funny because now a days this really ain't all that, but that doesn't make this drawing any less special. Like I said in earlier post... THEY ONLY GET BETTER!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anthony Strikes again!!!

Anthony does it again! this is me and my ex girlfriend. I remember there being a big ass crowd around the booth when this was being created. I wasn't worried, but she on the other hand had some butterflies in her stomach. When it was revealed to us we couln't believe it. I haven't laughed that hard, or been that confused in a long time. the drawing looks so much like her... just not pretty... which she actually is. I look like a dog gone cat fish... AND A BALLOON!!! Anthony is awsome man. Thanks Ant for the great memory.

And another double of me and Damion. It was a cold day at citywalk and Anthony wasn't getting any customers. I told him to tear us up so he could get some work. When we saw it we laughed just like in the pic. Although he went way easy on us, he caught our laughing looks perfectly. Dame looks like a chinese Buudah! lol! He got customers after this.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're in late Dec./ early Jan. 07' baby!!!

This is a double that Bill did of me and Damion. Pretty damn funny. I call it Mario and Luigi( it just seems appropriate to me). Bill Drew this and we asked him not to airbrush because he didn't really try and it never looked as good as his black & white drawings. I asked Dame to airbrush it up and see what he could do with it. A little bit of time late and vualah( I have no idea how to spell that), finished pic.

** Edward**
the artist of this drawing is Edward Gorgian. He was new back in September so he's got a couple of months at doing caricatures. Ed is an oil painter, and was very new at this. I still like it actually so here ya go.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boy, oh boy! These things just keep getting funnier to me. This one started the whole drooling gag( which, unfortunately, I do do... but only on occasions). Armando did this one. Normally he'll just bullshit the airbrushing, but this time he took his time on it( which only took 5 minutes). There was a whole crowd of people gawking and laughing at me. I joined them when I saw it. Damn you Armando.

Around this time we got another artist named Bill. Bill wasn't really interested in drawing caricatures, even though he could. He draw every one extremely cartoony, and did it extremely well. Bill loved to draw me. As a matter of fact, he probably drew me the most fowl out of every one( unfortunately I don't have any of them to show you guys... sorry). this is Bill's first drawing of me. Didn't quite get me, but its still awesome.

Well this is the last drawing I got from Jessica. I had to get a double of me and my boy Dame. I like this one alot... except for the fact that we look gay, but whatever. I never felt that Jessica liked me much, but I missed her when she left. I hope she's doing ok.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What it do! This ya boy reportin for the end of Nov./ early Dec. 06'

What up ya'll!? Now to continue this journey down memory lane. I was working in the park of Universal studios with Jessica and my bro Damion. As I'm now known for doing I asked her to draw me. What came out is what you see below. I believe it was December 12 when I did this next piece. I was looking through some magazines with celebs pics in it, and found a pic of Meesha Barton from that show "The OC"( I wonder if anyone really remembers that show... cuz I don't). But anyways, Out of the many attempt I failed at that day this was the first picture I did where I actually airbrushed decently. I couldn't tell you how proud I was with this accomplishment. It didn't last long tho. I still had some months to go before I really got it down. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Enjoy Peoples...

Jess got my smile on lock ya dig!

Misha Barton
**not actual photo used**

Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Mr. What it do once again!

It's fun goin down memory lane. Thus far we've covered a few months and we're only getting started! I'm gonna focus on this month a year ago for the next couple of days. Now on with the Show! This next drawing was done by Anthony, for which I begged to draw me. He didn't want to do it, even though he was in the middle of a rush of customers at Universal and no one would sit for him( he as working next to Adrian & Armando). So he used me to get customers, which i've found alot of people do. It's a little cutesy,but F it, it's still great dammit. By the way, he got work after it. Next is another from Jessica. I believe this was the drawing when she told me," I think you really handsome; I don't know why you always come out this was." Indeed... I don't know why either. enjoy...

I call this the rapist look
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Jess, Jess, Jess
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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The cuteness slowly ventures into the distance...

Yes, I know the last entry wasn't laugh out loud slugfest of comedic parody you guys are probably looking for in a caricature, but give it time. Trust me, it will be worth it. Today we venture a bit further forward. These drawings were done from the middle of the summer of '06(when I started doing caricatures)to October. I was just using an airbrush for the first time in my life around this time. Needless to say you couldn't find a worst sprayer than me! I needed plenty of work so I kept trying. But that's for later, now about the drawings at hand. This first one is from an artist named Jessica. She used alot of shields and had the most unique and down right confusing coloring method I ever saw. None of her colors looked right but she knew how to use them to get the effects she wanted. She was awsome but didn't like me much since I was drawing flat out portraits then. This is her first attempt at me! Next is my best friend, Damion. He a tempermantal guy with alot of emotion. Crazy ass dude that one. He too was new at this caricature thing. I'd say he's drawn me the most out of everybody who will be featured in this blog... at least for now. His first attempts weren't great at all(then again I can't talk) but they gradually got better, here are a couple from that time period. And now my favorite... Anthony! When I saw this guy work I was blown away. His style was kind of cutesy, but only when he wanted it that way. This dude could straight f*#k you up if he wanted, and he did. Most importantly he was quick and knew how to sell a damn drawing better than a lot of people. the only one who really sold more than him was Adrian(if you saw my last update you know the cute ass pic of my with the purple background). What can I say, cute sells. I used to beg Anthony to draw me but he never would, until one day he finally got fed up with me begging and did it! I was freakin G man! Till this day it is my favorite Caricature of me. It's not the most extreme but it is my fav none the less. enjoy people.

Jessica's first me( paint pilled on it)
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Damion's first stages of growth:

older looking... but not
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ain't I cute?
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so much for being cute( I look like I stink)
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Anthony's first me( I luv dis ish)
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And it Begins!

This is my first update! Yay for me! This is the first caricature(if you want to call it that) I got at universal studios back in the summer of '06. It's from my old boss Adrian. Ain't it cute? Believe me they do get better than this. the rest are some of my current boss who is a crazy, fat bastard... and thats my dude Armando.He must be the fastest artist i've ever seen. you will be seeing more of his work in the near future. And one from the old head veteran artist Robert Velages. He worked for Lee Harvin about 24 years at Universal! Good Lord!. tell me what you think.

Adrians first...and only me
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Get ya bighead on the floor
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Rober Velages's me
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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sam and i'm an artist. This is my first blog so i'm really exited about it. Ever since I started working at Universal Studios Hollywood a year and a half ago i've discovered that I am ripe for parody. This couldn't be expressed more than in my 100+ caracatures of myself. I started this blog because I felt it was time for me to show the world others visions of me and how freakin funny looking I am! lol! I hope you enjoy this soon to be big ol' collage of me! Have fun and let me know what you think.