Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're in late Dec./ early Jan. 07' baby!!!

This is a double that Bill did of me and Damion. Pretty damn funny. I call it Mario and Luigi( it just seems appropriate to me). Bill Drew this and we asked him not to airbrush because he didn't really try and it never looked as good as his black & white drawings. I asked Dame to airbrush it up and see what he could do with it. A little bit of time late and vualah( I have no idea how to spell that), finished pic.

** Edward**
the artist of this drawing is Edward Gorgian. He was new back in September so he's got a couple of months at doing caricatures. Ed is an oil painter, and was very new at this. I still like it actually so here ya go.

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Leigh said...

um, that doesn't look like dame. just looks like a sad black man.