Monday, November 26, 2007

Domo Arigoto! I am the artist model!

That's some Japanese for yo ass, son! I messin wit chall! But seriously this drawing has a very unique tale to it. One day in citywalk I was working by myself and it was pretty cold out. It was a slow day so I was pretty ancy to get some customers. Eventually, towards the middle of the day, 3 Japanese poeple walk up to the booth. A man in his twenties, a woman aroung the same age, and a old man who was probably around his 70's. He looked like the dude from Iron Chef. But anyways, they walk up and I ask the man if he wants to get drawn. He says something in Japanese to me while pointing in my direction. I ask him again, he does the same thing. I probably went back and forth with him for a good 5 minutes before I realized what he was trying to tell me. He wasn't interested in getting drawn, he wanted to draw me. I was taken aback. This had never happen to me before like this; a perfect stranger wanting to draw me. I made a deal with the man through his son and daughter,who were the two I mentioned earlier, that if he drew me, and I like it, that I would draw him for free. They told him in his native tounge and he agreed. I sat down patiently waiting for about 25 minutes before he revealed the drawing to me. When I saw it I knew exactly wha the business was, this man was a painter. You can definatley tell from the way he shaded my picture. It is definatly rough, but it looks just like me. Well, I drew the man, he seem to like and appreciate it(even though it was shit!). They tipped me and left, and then I figured out that I have a face that artist just seem to love. It's wierd, but thats just the way it seems to be.

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