Friday, February 29, 2008

Meesey Finale 07'!

So Ed cut his hair, the bastard! I had to get drawn with him tho! If you think the drawings of me were screwed up you should see how his come out! I love this one alot!

This drawing was done when I or Damion weren't even around! I walked in the park to check on Chris and Jeff and I saw this on Chris's desk! The hilarious thing about this is when I saw it I said what the picture intaled before I even read it! Damion the same thing, which made us laugh uncontrollably!

A very rough sketch by Chris! the Ed ball is funny, but I don't care for the me much!

I'm the Toilet paper and Dame is the toilet! WTF!

07 is almost complete man! It's crazy how many drawings I get of me! Please believe I ain't nowhere near done man! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Another double of me and my favorite lady, Lynette! This is funny! I don't think he caught her, but I don't care! the pic is awesome! He couldn't lose my likness if he tried!

Me and Jeff Ladies and Gentleman! A gnome and a weasel! who da thunk it!?

I got mad cranium cuz!

I still don't know why that damn bird is always there! WAT THE HELL ARE YOU!!!!!! The hight speed chase is hilarious!

Throwbacks part III!

part 3 in the Ray-Man series as I call it! does anyone remember that game?

Armando on some more wierd stuff!

A meesey throwback! he drew this to get customers! it worked!

Another Meesey Throwback! I have Shrek ears!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Throwbacks part II!

This is the first portrait airbrush drawing i've gotten ! it was from that boy Damion!

Another Caricature from Damion! I remember him loving this when he did it! He probably hates it now!

The first exellent caricature from that man Jeff! This shit is awesome! He did a whole series of the rest of the artists like this! check his blog out and look for em!

A drawing damion did and didn't like! He left it and Chris found it and decided to airbrush it! I tell ya, that boy Meesey!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Old with the New!

This is an older sketch Armando had done of me some months prior to the next drawing! He made me look like a misquito, I freakin love it! He was gonna throw it away, and I was gonna kill him! Needless to say, he's still alive and fat, and I have the drawing!

Me and Dame went to work to pick up our pethetic checks on our off day! Armando and Chris were working inside the park, so I suggested that me, Dame, and Ed who came to pick his pethetic payment up as well, get drawn together! Armando didn't want to do it so he was very lazy about it! It shows but I still like it! I don't throw away artwork unless its my own... and Rogers! lol

This would be Chris's triple of us! Just plain, old fashion funny! I look like I was trying to rush to make the picture! I made it! hehe

This too is a throwback from Damion! I really like these!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Armando is rediculous man! All these drawings look like Picasso did them! all simple, under a minute sketches! Good Lord!

I love this one!
This me and Dame, for your information!

Friday, February 22, 2008

WOW!!!! Rediculous!

A... Freakin... Mailbox! A freakin mailbox man! What the ---- man!? And guess who would be the little letter stem? You guessed it! this is rediculous Mehee!

A Mehee profile that is quite rediculous! He got a freakin guy boarding off my curly eyelashes! That was Damions idea! He got my nose perfectly!

This is what happens when Damion tries to get his Grigor on! Funny shit! A nice simple sketch! You look like you could use the ends of my mouth as handles!

Mr. Damion did it again! Definately some of his best airbrushing if you ask me! I love this expression! He ain't the only one to draw this though, oh yes this is from a photograph a took of myself! Who else tried their hand in it? All in due time people!

An Old Friend!

This is a good friend of mine who's name I can't remember to save my life right now! I know, some friend I am right! Well anyways , she got a super crush on ya boy and have for the longest!I took this oppertunity to get drawn with her to see what it do! Chris and Jeff took care of this for me! They did a freakin wicked job, although I must admit they both missed her! It happens!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sketches Galore!

I was working with Jeff and he wasn't having that good of a day, I don't think I was either! He was drawing me to make himself feel better.... it didn't work!

Another attempt after the last! He like it a little more but no cigar!

Randome Chris sketch of yours truely!

Ok! I started making comic characters out of all the people I work with! Cool idea right? I thought so too! I did a rough draft of the first three that I draw which was me and the two guys i've mentioned in this entry, Jeff and Chris! I asked Chris to take his spin on the characterizations of us, and this is what I got! Fuck you sir!

Another Mehee drawing of me making a face! Lips for all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Evening of Fuckery!

Ok! I know these guys like to draw me funny, you've all seen it thus far... but what the fuck man! These are just the over the damn top and the line! Above we have Mehee drawing a body builders arm holding a bar with weight, and making me it! How the Hell!? I don't know where this came from!

The second attempt from Mehee is an individual whering a hat, and making it me! This is simply rediculous!

Damion is next up in the grand dior of fuckery! I really, truely don't know about this one! I'm very shocked as far as I can tell!

Number two from Damion is this interesting thing here! I look like i've been punched really hard in every direction God developed! And apparently it hurt!

And now Armando! He was the bread winner in this muh-f*cha! Here you the the breakfast club... with me! I guess after all these years and lawsuits, Sam's Club finally gave in and made me a deal! Get it? If not its ok, it was a very bad joke! But seriously folks, What The Fuck!

I'm a bobble head in this one, and someone got tired of my stupid head bobbin around!

More Food! Salt, bacon, and eggs! I guess the fat man was hungry!

Abstract double of me and Dame! The Modern day Picasso strikes again!

I don't even know man! I... just... don't even know anymore!

I want you all to know that these where all done in the span of 1 hour! For some reason they were talkin about me all day, so when I got out to CityWalk from working in the park they had a field day! It was funny but I don't know where all this shit is coming from! I'm starting think these guys hate me a little! Nah! That couldn't be!


..... could it!?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yes Indeed!

A new Damion stretch is introduce, the virtical stretch... as I call it! It's G! Grease got on the paper so it looks like i'm spitting! Cool!

One of my favorite ones that Jeff did! He ever took the time to put my catch phrase in my braids! See if you can read what it is!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The monster lip dammit! Respect it or die!

I asked Chris to do a Holloween drawing of me and Dame! Well..... I got it! I'm a vampire... who can't quite get the whole transformation thing down, and Dame is the wolfman! Yep, I got it alright!

A random Mehee sketch of me as a mummy! These guys got me down to a science!

Another Vampire depiction except this time it's from Damion! I look like some dude just shot me and I didn't care him afterwards! Dame know what i'm talkin about!

Jeff was gonna do a Holloween drawing but changed his mind cause he didn't like how his was coming out! Oh well, at least I got this good double from him!