Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Evening of Fuckery!

Ok! I know these guys like to draw me funny, you've all seen it thus far... but what the fuck man! These are just the over the damn top and the line! Above we have Mehee drawing a body builders arm holding a bar with weight, and making me it! How the Hell!? I don't know where this came from!

The second attempt from Mehee is an individual whering a hat, and making it me! This is simply rediculous!

Damion is next up in the grand dior of fuckery! I really, truely don't know about this one! I'm very shocked as far as I can tell!

Number two from Damion is this interesting thing here! I look like i've been punched really hard in every direction God developed! And apparently it hurt!

And now Armando! He was the bread winner in this muh-f*cha! Here you the the breakfast club... with me! I guess after all these years and lawsuits, Sam's Club finally gave in and made me a deal! Get it? If not its ok, it was a very bad joke! But seriously folks, What The Fuck!

I'm a bobble head in this one, and someone got tired of my stupid head bobbin around!

More Food! Salt, bacon, and eggs! I guess the fat man was hungry!

Abstract double of me and Dame! The Modern day Picasso strikes again!

I don't even know man! I... just... don't even know anymore!

I want you all to know that these where all done in the span of 1 hour! For some reason they were talkin about me all day, so when I got out to CityWalk from working in the park they had a field day! It was funny but I don't know where all this shit is coming from! I'm starting think these guys hate me a little! Nah! That couldn't be!


..... could it!?

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