Friday, February 29, 2008

Meesey Finale 07'!

So Ed cut his hair, the bastard! I had to get drawn with him tho! If you think the drawings of me were screwed up you should see how his come out! I love this one alot!

This drawing was done when I or Damion weren't even around! I walked in the park to check on Chris and Jeff and I saw this on Chris's desk! The hilarious thing about this is when I saw it I said what the picture intaled before I even read it! Damion the same thing, which made us laugh uncontrollably!

A very rough sketch by Chris! the Ed ball is funny, but I don't care for the me much!

I'm the Toilet paper and Dame is the toilet! WTF!

07 is almost complete man! It's crazy how many drawings I get of me! Please believe I ain't nowhere near done man! Stay tuned!

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