Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Old with the New!

This is an older sketch Armando had done of me some months prior to the next drawing! He made me look like a misquito, I freakin love it! He was gonna throw it away, and I was gonna kill him! Needless to say, he's still alive and fat, and I have the drawing!

Me and Dame went to work to pick up our pethetic checks on our off day! Armando and Chris were working inside the park, so I suggested that me, Dame, and Ed who came to pick his pethetic payment up as well, get drawn together! Armando didn't want to do it so he was very lazy about it! It shows but I still like it! I don't throw away artwork unless its my own... and Rogers! lol

This would be Chris's triple of us! Just plain, old fashion funny! I look like I was trying to rush to make the picture! I made it! hehe

This too is a throwback from Damion! I really like these!

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