Friday, February 22, 2008

WOW!!!! Rediculous!

A... Freakin... Mailbox! A freakin mailbox man! What the ---- man!? And guess who would be the little letter stem? You guessed it! this is rediculous Mehee!

A Mehee profile that is quite rediculous! He got a freakin guy boarding off my curly eyelashes! That was Damions idea! He got my nose perfectly!

This is what happens when Damion tries to get his Grigor on! Funny shit! A nice simple sketch! You look like you could use the ends of my mouth as handles!

Mr. Damion did it again! Definately some of his best airbrushing if you ask me! I love this expression! He ain't the only one to draw this though, oh yes this is from a photograph a took of myself! Who else tried their hand in it? All in due time people!

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