Sunday, March 2, 2008

Misc. Caricatures!

This piece of art is from a my boy Jeff's friend, Zack Ford! He came to work at Universal from St. Louis for a week! He was a pretty good dude! He missed me, but I like the drawing none the less!

This drawing is of everyone drawing themselves in a simple way! I did myself, Dame did himself, Jeff, Chris, Armando, you get the picture!

Candy, A female artist at the cartoon booth, took her shot at drawing me! It's cute!

Hector tried his hand in drawing me... he never finished though!

Roel, the manager of the cartoon booth tried his hand in me! It's funny!

Tony drew this way back in 06' around Holloween time! Boy am I late!

Tony's second atempt! not my favorite, but I like it! .... kinda!

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