Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Official 07' Finale!!!

You heard it right folks! After all this time i've gotten to the last drawing of 2007! This has been quite a journey hasn't it? Now that i'm finally caught up, i'll be posting alittle less often! I'm so glad to finally get to 08'! Thanks for taking this journey with me ya'll! I promise it will only continue to get better!

New Year's Eve 2007 is when this drawing occured! I spent the day with my good friend Tash, who was in a prior post from a couple of months ago( and which I need to give a call to)! We had fun that day! We ate, saw two movies (Walk Hard, The Great Debators), and got drawn! We had Armando hook us up before the movie! Tash didn't like it, but dammit it look just like her! I think this is a great way to end the year! I think next year will be a better year for art! Oh Yeah!!! 08' that is...

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