Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Knotts Barry Farm!!!

From the title i'm sure you've guessed where these were done at! Me and Dame were pretty fed up for working at Universal, so we went to Knotts to see if we wanted to work there or not! Hour and a half later we arrive, so the decision was pretty much made when we got there! We walked around for a while, looking for art booths! We found a couple of guys but they weren't really what we were looking for! Eventually we found the main spot, and there we found Alex and Steve!

This is from Steven! A cool guy and a big fan of Joe Bluhm! He is pretty damn good judging from all the samples up in the back! We all hit it off talking about art, work, and everything else! He drew this and people were loving it! As did I when I got it! Good Job Steve!

Alex is the man behind this drawing! He's a quiet one, but also a good guy! This drawing was great, except for the lip! He definately should have pushed it more! but other than that its great! It was fun hangin at Knotts, but due to the travel length I don't think I'll be going back soon! Goodnight everybody!

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