Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today ladies and gentleman I bring you the beginning of a new chapter in my experience in caricatures. The time is around February, and we get 2 new artist who just got hired at Universal. Their names are Jeff Meyer and Chris Meesimo. When me and Dame got wind of new people coming up we thought they would probably suck(since most new comers did... including us) So we met them and found out the following... WE WERE WRONG!!! let me explain...

This is Jeff's first me. Cute ain't it? Anthony and Damion were working out at citywalk, and I heard Jeff was out there. So I thought to myself "let me get drawn and see how this guy does his thing." When I went out there I sat in the chair and told him to draw me. Now that I think about it, it was kind of assholish of me to just sit and tell him to draw me and he don't know me from jump. I found out later(like 2 weeks ago) that he felt like he was put on the spot in front of the vet Anthony, Damion, and myself. He got through it though, and here it is. Not bad for being really rusty. I like it alot. I wonder what else mister Meyer will have in stored for me?

This Ladies and Gentleman, is Chris Meesey's first me. Damion came out to citywalk one day to tell me we had a new artist working. I asked him what her drew like, and Dame said a mix between Anthony and Bill. That got my attention. I went in there immediately to see this for myself and sure enough it was true. He too was very rusty, but still really freakin good. A couple of days later I did the same thing to him I did to Jeff. Chris started right away and finished it in black & white. I was astounded! No one has drawn me like this before. he got one of my laughs down pat. Damion ended up airbrushing it. I can't wait to show you his stuff in the near future. It will be a treat believe me!

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