Thursday, November 8, 2007

The cuteness slowly ventures into the distance...

Yes, I know the last entry wasn't laugh out loud slugfest of comedic parody you guys are probably looking for in a caricature, but give it time. Trust me, it will be worth it. Today we venture a bit further forward. These drawings were done from the middle of the summer of '06(when I started doing caricatures)to October. I was just using an airbrush for the first time in my life around this time. Needless to say you couldn't find a worst sprayer than me! I needed plenty of work so I kept trying. But that's for later, now about the drawings at hand. This first one is from an artist named Jessica. She used alot of shields and had the most unique and down right confusing coloring method I ever saw. None of her colors looked right but she knew how to use them to get the effects she wanted. She was awsome but didn't like me much since I was drawing flat out portraits then. This is her first attempt at me! Next is my best friend, Damion. He a tempermantal guy with alot of emotion. Crazy ass dude that one. He too was new at this caricature thing. I'd say he's drawn me the most out of everybody who will be featured in this blog... at least for now. His first attempts weren't great at all(then again I can't talk) but they gradually got better, here are a couple from that time period. And now my favorite... Anthony! When I saw this guy work I was blown away. His style was kind of cutesy, but only when he wanted it that way. This dude could straight f*#k you up if he wanted, and he did. Most importantly he was quick and knew how to sell a damn drawing better than a lot of people. the only one who really sold more than him was Adrian(if you saw my last update you know the cute ass pic of my with the purple background). What can I say, cute sells. I used to beg Anthony to draw me but he never would, until one day he finally got fed up with me begging and did it! I was freakin G man! Till this day it is my favorite Caricature of me. It's not the most extreme but it is my fav none the less. enjoy people.

Jessica's first me( paint pilled on it)
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Damion's first stages of growth:

older looking... but not
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ain't I cute?
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so much for being cute( I look like I stink)
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Anthony's first me( I luv dis ish)
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