Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anthony Strikes again!!!

Anthony does it again! this is me and my ex girlfriend. I remember there being a big ass crowd around the booth when this was being created. I wasn't worried, but she on the other hand had some butterflies in her stomach. When it was revealed to us we couln't believe it. I haven't laughed that hard, or been that confused in a long time. the drawing looks so much like her... just not pretty... which she actually is. I look like a dog gone cat fish... AND A BALLOON!!! Anthony is awsome man. Thanks Ant for the great memory.

And another double of me and Damion. It was a cold day at citywalk and Anthony wasn't getting any customers. I told him to tear us up so he could get some work. When we saw it we laughed just like in the pic. Although he went way easy on us, he caught our laughing looks perfectly. Dame looks like a chinese Buudah! lol! He got customers after this.

1 comment:

Leigh said...

OMFG. I love it! roflmao at ur laugh faces. so good