Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boy, oh boy! These things just keep getting funnier to me. This one started the whole drooling gag( which, unfortunately, I do do... but only on occasions). Armando did this one. Normally he'll just bullshit the airbrushing, but this time he took his time on it( which only took 5 minutes). There was a whole crowd of people gawking and laughing at me. I joined them when I saw it. Damn you Armando.

Around this time we got another artist named Bill. Bill wasn't really interested in drawing caricatures, even though he could. He draw every one extremely cartoony, and did it extremely well. Bill loved to draw me. As a matter of fact, he probably drew me the most fowl out of every one( unfortunately I don't have any of them to show you guys... sorry). this is Bill's first drawing of me. Didn't quite get me, but its still awesome.

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Leigh said...

I love Armando