Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's a Damion Smorgishborg!!!

What it do world! Its been a wonderful holiday hasn't it? Today I got all kinds of Damion for ya, so enjoy it dammit! Are you ready? Heeeeeeerrre we go!

This is probably the biggest fuckery of a drawing you'll ever see of someone! I was working with Dame one day and he wanted to draw people as monsters. Thats it! I sat and people watched and acted as if he was just messing me up a little! What the F! My jaw dropped when I saw this. The sad thing is it looks like me... a little... thank God only a little! He drew Jeff like this too, I think he got it worse!

These were done one after the other on a slow day! Damion wanted to test how much he could stretch me in all kinds of wierd and new ways! In the one to the left he left my eyes droopy(as they normally are) and gave me teddy bear ears. The mouth is just retarded, and awesome at the same time! Very different indeed, but not as different as the one next to it! Unfortunately I don't have too many words to describe this f*#kery of a drawing! I look like the monster from Pan's Laborynth(see it, its a good movie)! My face has been takin to all kinds of levels of pure, unadulterated... well f*#k! And now the finale! Are you ready for this! Here it goes...

This is a milestone drawing right here! It's probably the most offensive aswell, if I actually got offended! It looks exactly like me, just ugly! This is drawing someone ugly! Not that stuff that we do in the chair to customers! This is that! I freakin love it! After all this what could I possibly show you all? well...

In the mist of drawing me screwed up, Dame wanted to see how cute I could be drawn. This is on some Hello Kitty shit! Definately the cutest by far *and if you've seen the first entrees of this blog thats sayin something!* You think I could be drawn cuter? Let's hope not! Good night everybody!

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