Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I feel like sh*t! Can't you tell?

This day was a very bad and irritating day for me. I hated my drawings the whole day, my paints weren't working, my airbrush was f**ked up, did I mention I couldn't draw that day? Nothing was going right, and on top of that I had the worst headache ever man. I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately I had to wait for my roommate to finish working in citywalk before I could do so. I believe the whole "Who wants to be a Super hero?" thing was going on out there too. I sat in front of Chris and told him to draw me how I felt, and I let everyone know that I wasn't feelin it for sh*t! Low and behold, Meesey came through again. I laughed, not hard do to the headache, but pretty damn hard. That boy Meesey is something else I tell ya.

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