Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mehee'd... Again!

If you are familiar with the art blogs you probably know of caricature artist Grigor. A very talented artist in his own right, but he does the most retarded exaggerations you've ever seen! We were having a discussion about his work and Chris draws me as an example of Grigors style of drawing... no sence making! Oddly enough, I think Chris did it better then Grigor, but that doesn't take away from what he does, I think the man is talented a fuck! After all, I can't do what he does, that's for damn sure. Chris even kinda mocked Grigor with the way he signed the drawing. No beef Grigor! Just expression of opinion!

Me and Dame hadn't had a double from Chris in a while, so we sat in front of him and he went to work without question! That shit never gets old! 10 or so minutes later he reveals this to us. WHAT THE F!!!!! The laughter was indeed a mix of joy, jealousy, and envy, cause I would have never thought to do that! A freakin Star Wars reference done flawlessly! Meehee you are the man!

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