Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"I Taste for Smell!" Lol!!!

Me and my boy Damion went to my fellow artist friend Jeremy Russnak's house to chill and draw! The result was alot of damn laughing and these drawings to show a few. The drawing above if probably the funniest thing I've seen in my life! Imagine a deaf and retarded man sayin, "I Taste for Smell!" We laughed forever on that one believe me! Damion009 you are a beast! I know you him but check him out!

These were the drawings that led to the one above. Mad fun


nil said...

Hey there,awesome blog u got out there!
do visit my space sometime : )

Robert Hume said...

Great shit man!!
I LOVE it!!

Hey man I have a painting of you and damion that I did last summer finally online...where can I send it to you so you can see it?


Damion009 said...

thanks man for putting this up... GOOD TIMES RIGHT!!!

Rastreator said...

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